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2022 Wedding Trends

Congratulations! On your wedding, yes, but also congratulations to us all for surviving another year of this crazy world. Wedding season is back in a BIG way and the trends of 2022 are becoming clear. Whether you are planning your wedding for late 2022 or attending as a guest, be on the lookout for these wedding trends.

Bold Colors

We all loved all white everything and muted design (and actually still kind of do), but now some couples are choosing to go bold with their colors. No longer will every wedding look like….every other wedding (white, beige, cream, anyone?). Friends and family appreciate when couples choose a color pop and run with it. It also allows couples to show more of their personality for their big day. Tip: Choose colors and patterns that go well with your venue, this helps keep a classic look while still being fun.

Themed Rehearsal Dinners & Welcome Parties

Wedding weekends are here to stay, and so couples are going the extra mile to entertain their guests with themed rehearsal dinners and welcome parties. This can range from a casual country night to Old Hollywood. If you and your partner have been disagreeing on what you want for your actual wedding day, this is your chance to let your imagination run wild. Did anyone else’s fiance want a cotton candy machine at their wedding? Karaoke? How about at the welcome party, dear. (Also a great place to install any of your future mother-in-law’s design suggestions that may not be your style).

Wedding Guest Fashion

Look, we’ve all been cooped up for the better part of 2 years. Last year, sure, we got out of the house. We emerged from our homes, blinking in the sun, wearing whatever we had from 2019 hanging in our closets. If we were lucky maybe we had a swipe of mascara and our hair in top knots because we found out last minute that weddings were still a thing. Now, your guests have had time to plan and they are coming dressed to impress. Black Tie weddings are once again extremely popular as guests are more than happy to have a reason to go full glam. If this sounds like your friends and family, do them a favor by having a great photo op backdrop for them. This moment deserves the red carpet treatment. Be sure to include a dress code on your invitations.

If you are hoping to avoid wedding pictures that scream a trendy moment in time, it’s always better to lean towards classic and timeless, rather than, “on trend.” Your wedding planner will help steer you in the right direction,

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