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Wedding Trends of 2021

Well, it looks like the 2021 wedding season is happening after all! After a year of waiting, couples have had even more time to plan their weddings. This has led to some new trends for 2021 (and 2022). Here’s what they are, and our thoughts on them.

“Welcome” hand sanitizer and other Covid kits. Everyone loves a welcome bag! If you have a lot of out of town guests, these are a way that couples are showing their appreciation for those that traveled, and usually they showcase some local favorites (Cape Cod Potato Chips, etc.). However, in the time of Covid, the welcome bags have been upgraded to welcome boxes including personalized hand sanitizer, masks, and other details.

Our take: Hand sanitizer and other safety precautions are great in these times! Couples have been downsizing weddings and so are upgrading things like welcome bags. Try not to include too much waste or plastic that guests will end up throwing away.

Smaller guest counts (duh). The micro wedding was a “thing” before the pandemic, and now couples are realizing that less actually can be more.

Our take: We love a micro wedding . Surround yourselves with people who will support you for the years to come. We have catered many micro weddings , and have found that the guests are much more present and in the moment. Instead of a sea of cellphones, it is a sea of smiling faces of your dear friends. It feels much more intimate, and the guests invited feel so honored. Note: this will not work for everyone. You will know if you are a micro-wedding person.

Sustainability. Don’t let your love be the reason mother nature cries.

Our take: don’t worry, we already wrote a whole article about that here.

Large statement earrings for brides. A bold fashion statement hanging off your hear-holes. Tell your guests, “I am here and I have earrings.”

Our take: You might regret this (depending on the statement). This may eventually create the vibe of looking at your parents puffy-sleeved wedding dresses and mullets, but you do you.

Outdoor weddings. Couples are getting married and having their receptions outdoors more and more. This of course has been pushed even further due to the pandemic and the need to spread out. But, there is nothing as beautiful as nature. And if you plan it right, you can end up using less energy with a daytime outdoor wedding.

Our take: It’s called the Great Outdoors for a reason. Many people will not feel comfortable in large crowds indoors for a long, long time. Since everything about a backyard wedding has to be planned (unlike a venue that usually has everything packaged in for you), consider hiring a wedding planner. Also, check out our backyard wedding budget guide to help you get started.

More focus on the details. Forgoing on the traditional place settings and large centerpieces, couples are curating every detail of their table settings to reflect who they are.

Our take: It’s all about the details. What started about a decade ago with the burlap table runners and mason jars, has evolved into true table design. Spend time looking at different designs on Pinterest, and seeing what feel you are going for. Then, look to rental companies to see how you can save money (and the environment) by renting instead of purchasing.

Trends are always changing, and who knows-you could be the next wedding trend setter. Lore has it that some brave bride not too long ago took a mason jar, removed the lid, and said: I will make my guests drink from this. They said she was crazy, but no:

she was a wedding trend setter.

Happy planning!

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