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Planning Your Green Dream Wedding: Tips for an Environmentally Conscious Celebration

Harbor in Chatham, MA Cape cod
Photo by Alex Gordias Photography

Alright, listen up, lovebirds! We are here to spill the beans on how to have the most environmentally conscious wedding of the year. In 2024, we're all about saving the planet while saying "I do," so let's dive right in and make Mother Earth proud!

1. Choose an Eco-Friendly Venue

First things first, let's talk venue. Opt for a location that's already eco-friendly or has green initiatives in place. Think botanical gardens, outdoor spaces, or LEED-certified buildings. Bonus points if it's close to home to minimize travel emissions for you and your guests.

Couple at Botanical Garden
Photo by Candid Memories Studio

2. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Decor

Embrace the beauty of nature with locally sourced flowers and foliage. Use recycled materials for centerpieces and table settings, and get creative with upcycled decorations.

3. Sustainable Invitations

Let's talk invites, shall we? Ditch the paper and opt for digital invitations to reduce waste. If you're set on paper, choose recycled or tree-free options. And hey, why not plant a tree for every RSVP received? We LOVE Paper Culture for that very reason.

4. Go Green with Catering

When planning your menu, prioritize local, organic, and seasonal ingredients. Opt for vegetarian or vegan options to reduce your carbon footprint, and say no to single-use plastics and excess packaging. Oh, and don't forget to ask if your caterer can compost those food scraps.

5. Sustainable Fashion

Now let's talk fashion, darling. Say yes to the dress (or suit) that's eco-friendly and ethically made. Consider renting attire or buying second-hand to reduce waste. And when the big day is over, donate or repurpose your wedding attire for someone else to love.

Married couple
Photo by Alex Gordias Photography

6. Offset Your Carbon Footprint

Last but not least, offset your carbon footprint. Consider donating to environmental organizations or investing in carbon offset projects to neutralize the environmental impact of your wedding. Every little bit helps, so let's make it count!

Alright, my eco-warriors, there you have it—a starting guide to having the most environmentally conscious wedding of the year.

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