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Asking for Cash Instead of Stuff: A Guide

Couple getting married in front of the ocean
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So, you're getting married, and the last thing you need is another toaster. You're older, wiser, and already drowning in kitchen gadgets you barely use. But how do you ask for cash without coming across like a money-grabbing miser? Let's navigate this delicate dance together, shall we?

Make It Personal

Instead of just asking for cash, make it personal. Share your dreams and aspirations with your guests—whether it's that dream honeymoon, a down payment on a house, or even starting a family. Let them know how their contributions will directly impact your lives and make your dreams a reality.

Give Them Options

Not everyone's down with the cash-only vibe, and that's okay. Offer up some alternative options for those who prefer to stick to tradition. Set up a small registry with a few select items for the die-hard gift givers. That way, everyone's happy, and you're not drowning in duplicate toasters.

Honeyfund: Your New Best Friend

Enter Honeyfund, the saving grace for cash-strapped couples everywhere. This nifty little platform allows you to create a personalized honeymoon registry, where guests can contribute towards specific experiences—like a romantic dinner on the beach or a snorkeling adventure. It's like crowdfunding your dream honeymoon, minus the awkwardness.

Couple hugging wedding planner at wedding
Photo by ZMimi Photography

Say Thanks

Last but not least, always express gratitude. Whether it's cash, gifts, or just their smiling faces, let your guests know how much you appreciate their love and support. After all, it's not the gifts that matter—it's the thought that counts.

Asking for cash for your wedding doesn't have to be awkward or cringeworthy. With a little honesty, a touch of personalization, and a whole lot of gratitude, you can navigate the delicate art of gift-giving like a pro. Happy wedding planning!

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